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The board of directors, staff and residents of the John Graham Shelter, wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Vergennes Union High School Senior Class of 2018, for dedicating their Senior Legacy Walkathon Fundraiser to benefit the homeless individuals and families we serve.

Led by senior class president Mason Charlebois, the walkathon commenced from the high school at 8:30 AM Wednesday morning, May 30th.  Gathering at the John Graham Shelter, the official starting point, a wonderful group of seniors and supporters embarked on a rigorous journey to Kingsland Bay and back - a 13 mile round trip! - on a warm and beautiful day.  We offered cold water as a humble thanks upon your return - but that did not compare with the tasty treats donated by Ben & Jerry’s!

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A special thanks to Lee Shorey from VUHS for her ongoing dedication to the students of our community and for nurturing the goal set forth by this years senior class.  A final enthusiastic, spirited wave of goodwill by the senior class, ensured they not only met their fundraising goal of three-thousand dollars - but far exceeded it by presenting the John Graham Shelter with a total of $4,300 in pledges!  An amazing accomplishment in a very short space of time. We are grateful to all who supported the walkathon.

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The funds raised will support the services needed to help our residents recover from the trauma of homelessness as they complete their journey to safe, permanent housing.  We can all appreciate our need for the comfort and security of a home. A place we can grow from childhood and move on to participate in the greater community. This is what the Vergennes Union High School senior class of 2018 is helping to support in the generosity and kindness of their senior legacy.  To commemorate their legacy, we will plant a flowering tree in front of the shelter. A fitting reminder of how our compassion invites beauty and hope to the community we live in. Thanks so much!

Love and happiness from all of us at John Graham Housing & Services.

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John Graham Shelter and Housing Services gets new co-directors

"John Graham Housing and Services has fresh leadership in the new year, with Peter Kellerman and Kate Schirmer-Smith becoming co-directors Jan. 1.

Longtime executive director Elizabeth Ready stepped aside but remains in the role of chief financial officer.

John Graham Housing and Services provides shelter, housing, services, and prevention and intervention at five sites throughout Addison County. Its flagship emergency homeless shelter is in Vergennes."

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Middlebury 'Sleep Out' yields more than $46K to help homeless

"John Graham Housing & Services’ (JGHS) fourth annual “Sleep Out,” held near the Otter Creek Falls in Middlebury overnight from Dec. 2 to 3, raised more than $46,000 for programs helping homeless people in Addison County.

Elizabeth Ready, executive director of JGHS, said the impressive total is likely to climb even higher as participants and donors confirm their pledges and hand in their checks during the coming days."

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Homeless facing wage shortfall

"It’s easy to assume the typical homeless person is unemployed and therefore unable to afford a roof and four walls.

The reality in Addison County is far different.

Almost all the temporary inhabitants of the John Graham Emergency shelter in Vergennes are employed, but are simply not earning enough to land one of the few vacant apartments in our area, according to local advocates."

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City shelter, others help new mom to get fresh start

"At just three weeks old, tiny Hunter holds the distinction of being the youngest resident of the John W. Graham Emergency Shelter in Vergennes.

He doesn’t realize he and his 28-year-old mom, Sammie, don’t have a home of their own.

But Sammie plans to change all that, and she’s getting a big lift from John Graham Housing & Services (JGHS), the nonprofit that runs the Vergennes shelter and five multi-unit apartment buildings in the county."

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