With six service coordinators, an outreach team, and a licensed clinician, we tailor our services to the unique, self-described needs of each family. Our cross-system partnerships connect families to essential mainstream services like food, housing, benefits, healthcare, employment and education.

Board Members

Shelter board members include clients and professionals from every corner of Addison County. They come from the business and faith communities and bring diverse skills in business, finance, law, development, social services, and education.

Our Partners

The Shelter is part of a close-knit network of support organizations. We have partnerships with local parishes, clothing re-sellers, food pantries, child-care centers, rehabilitation clinics, educational institutions, clubs, ELL programs, supermarkets, charitable citizens and families, and more. The Shelter is a widely recognized throughout the community, and many people who stop by to make one-time donations end up becoming more involved over time.